Saturday, September 01, 2012

DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon - "Scale It Back (Jeremy Sole Remix)"

DJ Shadow has been known to offer up the occasional remix competition and this year's was for his song "Scale It Back" featuring Little Dragon. Shadow uploaded the vocal, piano, drum and background tracks to Soundcloud and encouraged people to do what they would with them. An impressive 406 folks remixed the song and Shadow chose his top 6 (there was a tie for first), none of which I like very much. I was recently listening to KCRW and happened to hear a lovely version of the remix done by KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole. It's a pretty bare version which relies mostly on the piano track and pares down the drums. There's a beautiful Daniel Lanois-esque guitar that adds some delicate flourish and blends gorgeously with the cascading vocal. Sometimes simple is best.

Here's DJ Shadow's original version:


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