Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tony! Toni! Tone! - Whatever You Want

I'm working on a baby makin' mix for a friend's baby shower (a brilliant idea that I wish I could take credit for) and I've discovered two things. One, slow jams have some of the longest fade-outs in the history of music and two, this song. Technically, it's a rediscovery of a high school slow dance fave that brings me right back to my high school gymnasium. Memories of clinging to my "best friend" David McGuire as we did the side step, me taking deep inhales of his Eternity for Men cologne. The billowy blouses and tightly sculpted moustaches in this very cheesy video don't really do justice to how this song still makes me swoon. As daboss88100 comments on YouTube: "The 93 poor souls that hit the dislike button could not POSSIBLY have a romantic bone in their entire body. THIS joint was the DEAL in the early 90's." Indeed.